OmronOportunity is an Online Industrial Automation products store. We offer new and used products from several leading multinational manufacturers in the automation sector. We sell products that for some reason are obsolete or obsolete in the new applications of industrial automation, but we believe that it can be a good opportunity for our customers in spare parts or replacements in breakdowns of industrial machinery.

All our products are original of the brand and are tested in our facilities before putting them on sale.

Our customer service is agile and quality, thanks to the efficiency of our staff with more than 20 years of experience.

The supervision of the preparation of the orders of our clients, with several merchandise controls, allows us to minimize errors in our shipments.

As an electronic components store for Industrial Automation, if you can not find the material you are looking for or have any product questions, please contact us and we will help you. Our priority is to solve the problems of our customers with high satisfaction.

We supply material, advise and inform about alternatives in the brands we distribute.

We keep the client informed of the status of their requests.

The best product, with good service, at a very competitive price.